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White Box Stove Video

Over the years one of my favorite stoves when not using my beloved canister stove is a White Box Stove. We have been carrying them in our online store for quite some time. At trade shows and hiker festivals it never fails – everyone wants to play with the White Box – it is a simple elegant alcohol stove. The stove set comes with: stove, windscreen and a piece of finished flashing for going under the stove.

Bill, the man behind the stove makes the stoves in Montana. You can see the story of them at his website.

In the video I did recently, I used the White Box along with a GSI Soloist pot set:


It took 5 minutes from start to finish to boil 2 cups water in the tall and narrow pot. I wanted to show the flames so I wasted a bit of fuel. To boil 2 cups water you don’t need more than 1 ounce denatured alcohol. If you want to do actual cooking I would recommend going to 2 ounces fuel.


The video:


2 thoughts on “White Box Stove Video

  1. Have you tested the GSI Soloist pot with the White Box Solo Stove? Would it work better considering the small diameter of the pot?

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