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Food Find: Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Whole Strawberries


It isn’t often that you get whole strawberries when buying them freeze dried. Usually it is a mix of slices and pieces. So it was a pleasant surprise to open the pouch and see 20 perfect whole berries. They are perfect for soaking then using in a berry cobbler or for a berry sauce. The only downside is you really need to rehydrate them to enjoy them at their best – they are a bit big to crunch down on (I have a long standing love affair with munching on freeze dried sliced strawberries!). They are perfect for floating in your favorite drink in camp (and if you do cocktails in camp? Float them in a Cosmo….or trail margarita).The taste of the berries is quite good as well – they taste fresh and ripe.

You can find them on Amazon: AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Whole, Freeze-Dried or at AlpineAire’s website. Each pouch is 1 ounce and is priced in the $5.75 to $6.00 range.


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