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Gear Shopping in Seattle – Fun, Fun, Fun!

My friend Steve had the day off today so he asked if I wanted to meet up in Seattle for the day. We roped Teresa to join us as well since she had the holiday off.

Ford and I played lazy and took the bus into the city. We all met up at Uwajimaya to grab Asian imports for hiking.The Seattle store is incredible and I think we had Steve glazed over by the time we left…..

Off we went to the Outdoor Research store in the SoDo District. Lots of sales to be had……the OR store is like a candy store to me….

Then it was off to the Flagship REI store for an extended wandering. A few pairs of socks, maps, backpacking food, a new stove……and hey what is that?


It is me holding our book, Freezer Bag Cooking, in REI.

After that we hit Feathered Friends, just across the street…..where I found my new stove for 25% off. Back to REI to return the stove and picked it up at FF instead 😉 More on that new stove in the next week!

Then off we headed to Ballard on the other side of Seattle for lunch at Lombardi’s. Lunch was super delicious – I had butternut squash ravioli…..wow, so incredible. After lunch we grabbed a latte at Caffe Fiore – an all organic coffee house with a very talented barista – her latte was not only well done, she has great talent in latte foam art (it is a PNW thing!).  Then we headed to Second Ascent to check out the used gear deals.

Finally tired…..Steve threw us out of the car in the International District and we caught the bus home.

I think I pawed and gawked at enough gear to tamp down that desire for a couple days 😉


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