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New Gear: MSR Windpro Stove

I had mentioned this week that on Monday I bought a new stove. So what did I get? An MSR Windpro canister stove.


I had been looking for a remote canister style stove for the past 6 months or so – one of the issues I have had with our cooking videos has been balancing a fully loaded 2L pot on my favorite Primus canister stove – there are times when I am a bit nervous and worry about losing a pot of water, particularly when on rocky and uneven ground. As well, when using a 2L pot I had to use the larger size of canisters, the little ones just were not wide enough as a stable base.

Unfortunately, I do gain a few ounces of weight (the MSR one is about double what my Primus weighs for base weight).

The stove itself is very simple to use, all you do is screw the line onto the canister and it is ready to go. The bonus of the remote stove is you can use a fully enclosing windscreen (which is included) where on normal cansiter stoves you do not want to – if a canister overheats it can explode. I tried the stove out this week in a video and loved it – out of the box it was useable in a minute or so. It lights up immediately and simmers well. It is also a quiter stove than many canister stoves. It is a little slower on boiling, but does not waste fuel – it is more controlled. For example, an MSR Pocket Rocket gets half the fuel usage as a Windpro – not a bad deal if you can sit there for an extra minute or two every time you boil water.

The stability is excellent as well, the support arms don’t shift and the pot is only a couple inches off of the ground. Very safe indeed!

As I get to use it more I will be doing a farther review. For now, besides the heavier weight, I see nothing wrong with it. It is simple and easy – something all stoves should be! (And on that weight? It is the lightest remote canister stove out there.)

PS: Best part was I found it for 25% off! Yay!


2 thoughts on “New Gear: MSR Windpro Stove

  1. just got the windpro a few days ago, along with it i got a new 220g canister, and have been using it at home about daily, to see how the gas consumption is, and so far man it like sips fuel, heating is awsone, lot f heat, does not boil as fast as my pocket rocket, but i’ll wait a min or 2 if i can save a few days in gas. i would definitely recommend this stove to any backpacker. just a note i bought a MSR 1.5L & 2L cookset, with the pan gripper, and MSR heat exchanger, i can bet that heat exchanger will increase my boil time, and extend my fuel life by a bit too. wind was ok. i have a mini industrial fan that i test my stoves in front of, the MSR pocket rocket excelled through all speed test, and this stove without the Windscreen (that i do have and will have to test) only stood up to 2nd speed, while the pocket rocket still burned great at max speed, but i dont think you will get much cooking done with either without a windscreen, because all the heat gets blown away, before it gets radiated upward, but that’s 40mph winds directed right at the burner, so a wind shield should get you cookin.

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