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A Hike To Dirty Harry’s Balcony and A Pasta Recipe

Ford and I went for a morning hike to Dirty Harry’s Balcony, which is named after an infamous logger back in the day who would log lands that no one else would.

We parked outside the main gate on the road there and road walked to the “trailhead”, crossing the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

The “trail” is the old logging road not that it resembles anything of a road in most parts. Narrow and very steep it shoots for the top. It is mostly a stream bed, highly eroded – the “one rock to a boulder to a rock” hiking. This bridge is over a stream. Two planks left – choose your wobbly one to cross on.

We found the turnoff for the “balcony” but decided to not go up the trail. It isn’t well marked (there is a rusty piece of logging equipment next to it) but the side trail was snow covered and we didn’t know what the trail would be like. So instead we stayed on the main “trail” and went up higher into an open area where the sun was to have lunch. We found a wide spot to take a break.

I worked on a recipe that had come to me the night before, a one pot pasta and vegetables dish.

Getting the water boiling in my GSI Soloist Set:

The mix gently boiling:

Ready to eat – Ford ate his half and was wondering why I wouldn’t give him mine…..

The view across the way. Down below would be I-90 though you couldn’t hear it.

Ford getting ready to head back down. The clouds were starting to come in, the weather change was pretty obvious by 2 pm or so. It had also started to get colder.

Road walking back to the car near the end, the ridge way far across, looking South.

And the recipe?

One Pot Pasta and Vegetables

In a sandwich bag:

Also take:

One pot method:

Bring 2 cups water and the oil to a boil. Add in the bag of dry ingredients and return to a boil. Lower the heat and gently boil for 7 minutes, stirring often. You will want to keep the pot’s lid at an angle to prevent splattering.

Turn off the stove and let sit covered for a couple minutes. Add in the bread crumbs and toss, then add in as much cheese as you like and toss again.

Serves 1 normal appetite or two small ones for lunch. To serve two, consider adding in a 7-ounce pouch of chicken breast with the water/oil at the start.