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Hiking Between The Rain – Little Si

Trailhead had the day off so she asked if I would like to join her. After waiting for what seemed forever for the oil to get changed in the Benz I was finally free so off we left town. It had poured all last night but this morning the skies were blue – though the next storm was brewing. So we knew we only had a couple hours.

We decided to hike Little Si, which sits on the edge of North Bend, Wa (which is where Twin Peaks was filmed). Little Si is dwarfed by its big sibling, Mt. Si. Still, it is a good hike with enough elevation gain to feel like you actually hiked.

The last time I was here was spring of 2003. A lot had changed – I noted that the old trail is well hidden now, to keep the hordes on the newer version. I remember taking the old trail with Ford all those years ago.



As we wound our way up the last steep section we popped out onto the bald, where this was in the ground – “Small Si” from 1973.


The trail at the top was more a non technical scramble, but not dangerous or anything.


Looking across the valley, towards Rattlesnake Mt. and into the Cedar River Watershed. All the peaks of the foothills were visible.


I took this photo a couple weeks ago, from across the valley looking at Si. Little Si is hidden in the front:


Turning around you could see Mt. Si across the narrow valley below us.


We didn’t stay on top long, as it was very windy. We dropped down into the dark forest that runs between Little Si and Si. We took a break at the memorial bench that is there for Doug Hansen, who lost his life on Everest in 1996.

We made it to the car as the first drops of rain started to fall. 15 miles later we were in a downpour.

Was glad to have made it to the top of the little summit – even if was only 1,576ft :-p