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Food Reviews By A Mooch

I’ll admit to it – I am a mooch. What can I say? I see food in hiking partners packs and “Ooh! I haven’t had that before” “So, hey, yeah….got any extras?” πŸ˜€

I even bring my own mooching spoon – after all, a mooch has to be respectful. πŸ˜›

So yesterday while hiking, Trailhead mentioned that she had received her order from Packit Gourmet this week and that she had picked up a bag of the Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad to try out.

Well, how perfect! I was hungry and hadn’t tried that version out. What perfect timing!

TH had packed inΒ  box of Triscuit Thin Crisps as well to go with the chicken salad. The chicken salads are BYOB (bring your own bread) and works well with crackers, tortillas or on bagels and bread.

The Cajun Ranch chicken salad has celery, peppers, cranberries, pecans and sun-dried tomatoes in it. Each package weighs in at 6.7 ounces. Be sure to select the free “tool kit” – it includes individual hand wipes, salt and pepper packets, a stir stick and pieces of parchment paper for a clean work surface.


The salad is easily assembled – just add in 3/4 cup cool water to the dry ingredients along with the ranch dressing (organic now!), two of the mayo packets and the dried cranberries. Mix it up and let sit for 5 or so minutes. (Ten minutes will give better results)


Ready to eat!


The salad is great tasting – fresh with just the right amount of dressing in it. There is definitely enough for two and is stretchable to three who have smaller appetites (or if you had cheese/fruit added along for a bigger meal).

It is a powerhouse in fat and protein as well – so if you want a meal that fills you up in cold weather or on long hikes, this is one to consider. It is also quite reasonable with the sodium.

Find it on their website for $8.49 for the two person meal.

Now to make sure my mooching spoon is packed up and ready to go!


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