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A Hike From A Long Time Ago….

Dicentra and I were talking recently about our first hike together. We had met online a couple years before but didn’t have a chance to hike together until spring of 2003 (yikes..time has flown!).

On Monday’s hike I could see across the valley to the trail we hiked – Rattlesnake Ledge. Back then the newer trail had not been built so it was still the steep and short thigh burner one.

Looking up from the parking area:


Looking down at Rattlesnake Lake and into the Cedar River Watershed:


Looking across the valley at Mt. Si and Little Si:


And the scariest is how tiny Ford was. He was 5 at the time – I think he is holding Di’s pack in the photo. I can see that he is tethered to me up there though! Make a wrong move and it would not be good…..Ford was a strong hiker, I had him doing 10 mile days by the time he was 4 1/2. He loved being up with views!


Me, Ford and Dicentra just below the Ledge:


I have to say thanks to Dicentra for digging up those old photos! I am so glad she kept them 😀 I think it is time to re-do that trail!