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Food Find Review: Just fruit Salad and Just Grapes


I had been wanting to try out Just Tomato’s Just Fruit Salad for quite some time and finally came across some tubs of it at Whole Foods.

The 2-ounce tub is the equivalent of 1 pound of fresh fruit and retails for around $5.75.

It is freeze-dried fruit so is small, light and easy to carry. With freeze-dried fruit you can eat away right out of the container or you can soak it in cool liquid, then use in cooking. You get an assortment of pear, apple, peach, banana, strawberry and red grapes.

The good points? Excellent taste, aroma and visually appealing. The strawberry slices, whole red grapes and banana slices are the best part.

The bad points? The apple chunks are too big to eat in one bite – you need to break them up. As well they have peel on them. The peaches are hard in the center – be careful if you have dental work!

The verdict: I would recommend buying a tub of the whole red grapes – they were the best part. Don’t confuse them with raisins, these are whole red grapes and taste as fresh as the day they were picked. These grapes are some of the best freeze-dried fruit I have eaten.


Also get some bananas and strawberries. Skip the Apples and peaches. Not worth it taste or texture wise. If one was making a cobbler it would be nice though.

I also noticed that Just Tomatoes is carrying a new line – fruit and vegetable powders. Which I had to laugh about – the powder in the bottom of a bag or tub of freeze-dried fruit is my favorite part! This could be fun for adding to recipes. I will be trying them out soon.


2 thoughts on “Food Find Review: Just fruit Salad and Just Grapes

  1. How do the strawberries compare to the TJ’s ones? The Madster could eat an entire package of those in one sitting! The bananas are pretty good too. I’m sooo trying those grapes! YUM!

  2. I’ll be honest – Trader Joe’s strawberries and their Thai freeze-dried bananas are a lot better. Better shape, better taste, etc.
    Those bananas are unlike any other brand out there and it has to do with being a different type of banana – they are sweeter, crisper..well, you get the idea!

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