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Free Coffee! Who Wants To Try The New VIA?

That is right, you heard F-R-E-E. The best 4 letter word around.

So what do you get? You get to try the new Starbucks VIA™ instant coffee out (go read our review if you missed it!). I love this new instant coffee so much for hiking that I have acquired some to hand out to all of you who don’t have that love! I know that for many of you there isn’t much chance you will get to try it otherwise for a while.

So how does the free deal work?

To my readers who drop me an email to sarah at trailcooking dot com,  will get a tube of VIA™ mailed to them.

Rules? You have to email me, and then leave a comment as well down below telling me where you plan on using your coffee 😀 Due to being food, only those in the United States please. In your email I will need your postal mailing address and name – which will not be shared with anyone.

Well, we have run out! The good news is keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway!


(Boring legal stuff disclaimer: Starbucks™ and Starbucks VIA™ are trademarked items of Starbucks Corporation. They are not participating nor sponsoring this giveaway, which is being held by Bay Street Commuications, LLC.)

14 thoughts on “Free Coffee! Who Wants To Try The New VIA?

  1. I plan on using the coffee next month at St Mary Campground in
    Glacier NP for a Full Moon campout with my eight year old if the weather cooperates.

    Steve P.

  2. I’ll be testing it out for our trip to the Beartooths this summer. Thanks!

  3. I’ll try it in the UK, but looks like I will have to order it somehow over the net.
    But I’ve not had any trouble getting Java Juice sent over, or some of the freeze dried meals that are only available in the US.

  4. Plan to take it out in two weeks when our Boy Scout Troop tackles our first 25 mile trip!
    Thanks Sarah!

  5. I’m a relatively new lurker on your site (a month maybe?), but I’d take my coffee backpacking with my husband on our 2nd year wedding anniversary trip. Somewhere in the Sisters Wilderness (Oregon). 🙂

  6. hey thanks for the free coffee!! I’m in the Bay area and will use it on one of several trips coming up…probably save it for Yosemite in April.

    Thanks again

  7. Nice, hot, VIA coffee will be a treat on my winter backpack in the White Mountains of NH in 2 weeks!

  8. Nice, hot, VIA coffee will be a treat on my winter backpack in the White Mountains of NH in 2 weeks!
    P.S.: Wanted to mention great post!

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