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MSR’s New Cookware Sets

MSR is overhauling their line of cookware for the outdoors. It seems the siren lure of neatly organized sets hasn’t passed them by – and that they jumped on the bandwagon. (You might notice similarities between some of the new items by them and of GSI’s wildly popular Soloist, Dualist and Backpacker sets.)

The new items range from the Expedition™ series, which are heavier, to the Basecamp™ series that is aimed at groups of 3 and 4 who want a full kit to create large or gourmet meals. The third series is the Fast & Light®.

MSR has retained the Titanium Kettle, cup and a few other items from the older setups but has added the new Fast & Light items that are available in 1 person or 2 person sets, as well as just in pots (no insulated mug or Deepdish™ plate). The materials are Hard Anodized Aluminum and Titanium.

The MSR Quick 1 System:


The MSR Quick 2 System:


The Expedition series offers choices of Titanium or Stainless Steel pots and in sets or just a pot.

The Basecamp series offers pots or sets as well and seems to be mostly Hard Anodized Aluminum, in a variety of both non stick and plain.

The Titanium sets are quite pricey – so if you are looking for a new set and like them, I would suggest you look at the HAA versions instead – you can save up to 50% by buying HAA over Ti.

They are also carrying a new line of accessories including an insulated mug made of stainless steel inside and folding utensils. See the full line here.

There is one drawback though – it appears that a couple of long popular sets of MSR pots are disappearing. It will be interesting to watch and see what goes away. For now I am not seeing MSR’s Duralite nor Blacklite on their website anymore. Are they history? It seems so.

Anyways, it shall be fun playing with them soon enough…..


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