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Trail Baking: Steamed Brownies With Video

I happen to really like No Pudge brownies at home and got thinking….that they would work perfect for trail baking. All they need is a little water added in, a quick mix and a steaming session. I got my idea and portions off of the box, where they talk about making a single brownie in the microwave at home. Since the recipe calls for yogurt, I figured what a great time to try out my bag of yogurt powder I had sitting around. – Fear not, you can always just use water and leave out the yogurt on trail. They will still taste great!

Even better you can use this recipe to make 1 brownie or a whole bunch of them. The ratio is: 2 Tbsp dry mix and 1 tsp yogurt powder per brownie. You will need 1 Tbsp water for each as well. I made 4 brownies in the video so I packed in a sandwich bag 1/2 cup dry mix and 4 tsp yogurt powder, which then I added 1/4 cup cool water to the mix, sealed the bag up tight and shook it till combined.

How to steam bake?

For more information on steaming and using the Fauxbaker ideas see here.

Take your pot of choice. Based on pot size and how wide it is determines how many treats you get. In the video I use a GSI Backpackers Set that is a 2L wide pot, which fits 4 Wilton Silly- Feet Silicone Baking Cups. The advantage of the Silly Feet is they have, well, feet! The feet means you don’t need a riser. You want to keep your cups just high enough so water doesn’t boil over into the goods. PackitGourmet also carries a different set up as well for steam baking.

Place the cups into the pot and fill the pot with water till it crosses over the feet. You want at least an inch of water in the pot. Pour the prepared brownie mix into the cups, dividing evenly.


Put the lid on, get the pot on your stove and bring to a boil. Once it is boiling, turn the flame down and maintain a gentle boil/simmer. It will take between 10 and 15 minutes for them to “bake”. 10 minutes will give you full on “lava fudge cakes” – done on the outside, molten inside.


15 minutes will be fully baked. In the video I pulled them at 12 minutes. They had a little bit of fudge inside. Once done, let sit for a couple minutes to cool, they will continue to set up as well.


I used my MSR WindPro stove due to the temperature outside – 32* and falling fast. We had quite a bit of snow on the ground today!

Yes, it does use fuel. As a splurge it is fun and well worth it! And rarely will you have anyone turn down a hot brownie!

Enjoy the video as well:


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  1. Another nice one Sarah. I was tinkering with chocolate muffins at the weekend which my son was looking forward to trying. Only problem I forgot to add some sugar to my mix, and I used 72% cooking chocolate… He wasnt that impressed! Lesson learnt the next batch were spot on.

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