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French Onion Noodle Bowl Recipe

It is cold outside – well under freezing and we still have a layer of thick icy snow. Definitely not a day to go outside – stay inside and try out new recipes! I got this idea from my friend and hiking partner, Trailhead. Her version had way more sodium so I decided to see if I could lower the sodium and still have it taste good – I also made it more filling with added beef and vegetables. In the end it is a big bowl of tasty noodles with just a little broth – it was a perfect lunch.

Now…if it would warm up, I could leave the house!


I used Choice Ramen for the noodles. They are low fat and just plain taste better than traditional ramen – more like a Chuka Soba noodle.

On the broth sticks – I find them at Trader Joe’s and they are lower sodium. I included a link to Packitgourmet, they carry a a version of them that are higher in sodium. You can of course use the “flavor” packet in the ramen, lets just say it doesn’t taste as good! You can also use ultra low sodium beef bullion powder by Hormel – it has about 5 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

On the stuffing mix, Stovetop© or similar will work just fine!


French Onion Noodle Bowl

1 2.82-ounce package Choice Ramen(toss the flavor packet)

Pack in a small bag:

3 Tbsp diced dried onion

2 Tbsp “Beef” flavored TVP or freeze-dried hamburger

1 tsp celery flakes (spice aisle)

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Pack in a small bag:

1/4 cup instant stuffing mix

Also take:

1 to 2 broth sticks or 2 tsp low sodium beef bouillon powder.

One pot method:

Add 2 cups water to your pot. Add in the bag containing the onions and beef, along with the broth mix. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes to soak.

Bring the water to a boil, add in the ramen and cook on a gentle boil for 3 minutes. Pull off the heat and top with the stuffing mix.

Serves 1.



3 thoughts on “French Onion Noodle Bowl Recipe

  1. Enjoy the Choice Ramen noodles while you can. I read that Nissin has officially discontinued the Choice Ramen line. It’s really hard to find now. They no longer stock it in my town.

  2. It is unfortunate, isn’t it? I’d rather go with a healthier choice as well. Forgot to mention, I love French onion soup and your recipe looks good.

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