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New To The FBC Store: The White Box Solo Stove

New to our store and to the stove world is the White Box© Solo Stove.

Bill has designed a smaller version of the highly popular White Box Stove, designed for the solo hiker. It has everything the original has, just a smaller stature. It will boil you 2 cups water in a little over 6 minutes and will run for up to 14 minutes on 1.3 fluid ounces of HEET fuel.

The Solo Stove works best with pots such as: MSR© Titanium Titan Kettle, Vargo© .9L pot, Snow Peak© 900 or 1100, Evernew© Titanium #1, #2, #3 and flat bottomed ‘tea’ kettles such as the GSI HAA Halulite. (Not for use with tall narrow pots such as the Heinie or Ti/stainless steel mugs.)


Original White Box Stove on left, White Box Solo Stove on right (we carry both in our store):


Bringing to boil 2 cups water in a GSI HAA Halulite tea kettle.


I shot a quick video of the stove in action:


5 thoughts on “New To The FBC Store: The White Box Solo Stove

  1. The new model stove has a smaller diameter flame ring so it is more compatible with those 4 to 5 inch pots like the MSR Titan Kettle and the flames won’t run up the sides like the original WBS stove does.

    The original WBS stove was designed with the wider pots in mind and to boil water for multiple campers. The “Solo” is for only one hiker. We had a lot of requests for a smaller stove suitable for smaller pots that single hikers like to use. We don’t recommend this for MUG sized pots.

    Just another option for those who don’t need a stove that burns for a half hour.

  2. Thanks for that info Bill.
    Do you know if these will be making their way to the UK via or is Sarah going to be only place I can get one of these?
    Already I am getting requests to do a video of it here in the UK.

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