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Coffee On The Trail: A Reader Photo

One of our readers, Nate, who got one of the VIA™ coffee samples sent me this quick note today:


I got a chance to try the coffee this weekend.  mixed with a pre-mixed sweetener/cocoa/dried milk concotion.  it was really great…i think one of the best coffee beverages i’ve had on the trail.  Thanks a bunch and here’s a pic of me enjoying it!



All I gotta say is Nate looks totally happy there – do I spy a UL umbrella over his head? I carry one in winter for the rain, for sun in the summer 😀

Thanks Nate!


One thought on “Coffee On The Trail: A Reader Photo

  1. Sarah,
    I have to say thanks also for the one you sent me. No photo of me drinking it, although I think I did give a shout out in the video I did.
    Would have to agree that it is a dam fine instant coffee, definitely at the top of the range of those available.
    I just hope they make it available in the UK sometime soon.

    Thanks once again

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