A Big Thank You (and more)

Only a few days of winter is left. Spring is nearly here, my heart is happy and thinking of hikes in green once again.


We want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our readers! You are a loyal group that loves to read 🙂

Since Kirk and I moved the blog to its home here, we have watched this blog grow in readership in huge leaps by every month. As well the amount of visitors to our website at Freezer Bag Cooking has been phenomenal this year. To those of you who post links of our sites on forums you visit, thank you! To those of who you review gear you purchased from our store on your personal blogs and websites, thank you! And most of all, we love seeing photos from our readers of them enjoying said gear on the trail. I read every email you send in – when I see a good question or a request for a recipe to be developed, well, it is often a blog post so I can share it with everyone. I get some great questions! (Well, that is ’cause we have the best readers! 😀 )

From talking shop with a number of other cottage gear owners, we have come to this: The economy may be awful but hiking and backpacking is seeing a surge that is incredible. We could well see a generation of outdoor lovers not seen since the 1970’s. And to that I have to say I am glad I am here to see this revival! Outdoor gear is still very affordable – particularly items made by other outdoor lovers – and a week backpacking is a fraction of the cost of a vacation. The DIY crowd is growing as well and week by week I am answering more and more emails on how to eat frugally while hiking. Drop those $9 freeze-dried meals and eat a couple meals instead for that cost, made with your own hands – while enjoying an almost free backpacking trip 😉

Teresa Black, author of One Pan Wonders, and I were talking recently with others about what could be one of the biggest years of thru-hikers on trails this summer. 6 months on the trail could be better than 6 months of unemployment for some. A few small investments in gear and go see those views – the ones a person didn’t have time for before. What better way to feel good inside when life is bleak, than to go outside, breathe cold crisp mountain air and leave your problems behind – for at least a few hours.

This spring, which comes so soon this weekend, lets turn off the news on the TV, close that tab that has CNN open on your computer, not look at your investment portfolio – and go walking for a couple hours. It is cheap and good for you mentally and physically!

So any updates for everyone to know about TrailCooking/FreezerBagCooking™ and the family?

Lots! 🙂 I have spent the winter sewing hiking gear as fast as I can for our customers while Kirk is working on our upcoming books. Kirk and I have come up some winning recipes to be featured in our next 4 videos to be filmed for Trails And Cooking. We are planning hikes, trips and more. If the rain would dry up for a few days we might have even more fun! But hey, that rain does keep it green here…so I won’t complain.

Our giveaway two weeks ago went over well. It was a lot of fun so expect giveaways and drawings in the near future. I would like to see it become a permanent part of the site.

Coming up on March 28th, in Portland, Oregon will be the PCTA Trail Fest where we will both a vendor and a presenter – our class is on food, trail cooking and water safety. I am very much excited over the upcoming Fest – the Pacific Crest Trail is my my favorite trail to wander upon. If you can make it, be sure to stop to say hi. We would love to meet you!


So thank you for joining us here! May your trails be flat and you never have dirty dishes – and a lovely spring. And as always, we love hearing form our readers – so don’t feel shy!

~Sarah & Kirk (& Ford too!)

One thought on “A Big Thank You (and more)

  1. I truly love your blog and FBC has changed our hiking! I know I’ve told you before, but I love your recipies. There is nothing better than hiking all day and stopping for a hot lunch. You’ve made hiking even more wonderful than it already was!

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