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A Quick Hike In The Snow

We woke up to small clearing between bad weather systems and there was a burning orb outside. I think it is called “the sun” but hey, up here you never know until say June 😉

Kirk, Ford and I headed up past North Bend, Wa to plod down a trail and see how my foot was doing. We get a couple miles from the trailhead and start seeing snow. Oops. I didn’t think to grab the Microspikes for us. Kirk had never been to Cedar Butte so we headed towards that trail. (See Day Hike! Central Cascades) We hit snow within a few feet down the first trail, which is the Iron Horse Rail To Trail that connects then to Cedar Butte. It was that oh-so-enjoyable iced over snow.

Still, it was a nice hike. Between the birds and squirrels the woods were alive and I love walking through moss covered green forest lined with white snow. It always smells so good.

An old rotting stump bursting with green was a pretty sight:


The trail heading up to Cedar Butte:


On the way back Kirk and I were walking and he mentioned something about trail running and took off. I started to sputter about not leaving me behind when it occurred to me “uh, hello, why can’t you catch up to him?”. And…..I did. I took off down the trail running and it not only felt good, I was loving it. So it seems what I was talking about earlier is paying off. 9 weeks ago I could not only not trail run, even a short sprint would have me red faced and wanting to hurl. Well….that made me smile so big. I would love to be able to trail run at some point, and as part of my long term goals I will need to, to be able to make them (to hike a 30 mile day this year!).

A shot of me near the end. The sun had gone behind the clouds and the temperature was dropping fast.


It was a nice morning/afternoon to spend with my guys. And I suppose it will make the coming rain easier to deal with…….