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Food Find: Barney Butter

Catzia and I were out running errands yesterday and had a little spare time so we went to VegFest which was being held in Seattle this past weekend. VegFest is a yearly event aimed at companies showcasing their vegetarian and vegan foods that are also nearly all natural. Fun to attend, tons of samples and more. And I always find new items made for hiking and backpacking. This year I came across a number of items I will be talking about in the next couple days!

First off is Barney Butter.


It is an all natural almond butter that comes in both smooth and chunky. The taste is pure heaven. It is a no-stir type and doesn’t need to be kept in the refrigerator either. They sell it in both 16-ounce jars and in 24 packs of 0.6-ounce packets – there is your perfect size for hiking. The packets are a great choice as it is a true single serving.


They sell online on their website and are also carried in a number of stores.

What I really liked about the almond butter is it doesn’t taste earthy. It is creamy, has the perfect mix of salt to nuts and spreads well. Often, natural almond butters are either very oily or dry, leaving the spreading to be a mess. It would go well on bagels to tossing it with pasta and soy sauce….


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