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Food Find: Sunbutter Spread and Go Picnic

Another item from VegFest that I saw and tried was Sunbutter spread.


This “butter” is made from sunflower seeds and now comes in single serving 1.5 ounce tubs, which are trail friendly. It is a mild tasting, slightly sweet and very spreadable blend. What I loved about it was the texture. Unlike nut butters it is more like an actual butter – smooth and mild. with the taste of roasted sunflower seeds (minus the pesky shell 😉 )

Sungold Foods produces 5 versions, from organic to natural style (where the oil is on top) to no-stir type and as well, an version with no added sweetener nor salt.

This is a great spread for those with allergies to nuts or peanuts as well as looking for something different.

But of course these items I find take my eyes wandering and I came across this on Amazon while seeing if they carried the single serve packs: GoDelight: Sunbutter & Jam 6-Pack

So intrigued I went and searched more about Go Picnic. The company sells ready to go snack kits (or small meal kits) that contain healthier items,including many organics. They carry three kits with Sunbutter in them.

Go Picnic carries three levels of the kits: a smaller one, a larger version and ones aimed at kids in a wide variety of choices. They also carry a wide range of shelf stable salads that would be perfect for a trip where weight isn’t an issue.

These kits would be great for both road trips, travel and even hiking where one doesn’t want to think things out too hard. Price wise they are not for having everything in single serving packages – and being able to find it all!


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