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Went For A Ride In The Sun

Kirk and I are on our 12th week of training this week (scary how fast 3 months goes by!) and the bike riding has begun. Kirk has been filling my ears with talk about duathalons and triathlons. Of course said activities involve even more training (and I am shocked?)


I realized I hadn’t been on a bike for extended periods since early 2002 and owww…..the muscles we have been training are not the same ones used while riding a bike. Still though, I could feel the difference that a shy 3 months of training makes! It was a great feeling to be riding on the trail, sunny and warm (nearly 70* today!) with a gentle wind coming off the Cedar River below us.

We have added two Yakima King Cobra bike holders to our rack system. And yes, I have a girlie bike. You can all give me grief over my cruising special. It is super comfy though 😛 It works well for packed dirt and paved trails. Once we get closer to doing our first Tri though I will have to get a road bike though. Oh well!

The river (which Kirk would call a skinny creek) was running nicely today.


Nothing too special, just a nice day out in the sun. And that I love!


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  1. I did my first tri last year, and it was great fun. I’ll never be a “contender,” but I did it with two good friends, and we really enjoyed it. We’re doing it again this fall. Yes, it’s more training, but it’s fun training, and the sense of accomplishment is awesome! Good luck!

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