Say Hello To The New Home of FBC & TrailCooking

We have wanted to have one website for everything we talk about – and this blog was the start of the move to www.trailcooking.com when we started it live last year.

As I am sure some of you have already noticed….. www.FreezerBagCooking.com doesn’t look like it did yesterday! We had to take everything live earlier than we had wanted but it is working out well.

Due to our hosting provider, we had to dramatically accelerate our plans to create a new site to combine trailcooking.com and freezerbagcooking.com.  This will be the new site for both since there was a lot of cross over between the two subjects.  There will be a dedicated section for Freezer Bag Cooking!  It has dramatically enhanced functionality over the new site, with a TON more coming!  For example, All of the recipes are now searchable and on their own page with the ability to change portion amounts and better information.  You can also log in to rate recipes and comment on things as well.  A newsletter will be created in the coming months as well.  We are really excited to be on a new platform and be able to bring more functionality and more information to you.  Please bear with us as we fix everything up  though.  Most of the content from the old site is here, but may not be easily accessible just yet. Our store is up and live as well.

Also, this is not the final look of the site.  That will come soon too.  Like I said, we had to rush to get this site up since our old hosting provider was coming due and we had to move fast.  We are working fast to remove dead links but if you find any problems, questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Be sure to check back often this week as more goes live!

Sarah and Kirk

PS: For some of the things we had stored on FBC we moved to the blog here in archives – this would include older reviews of food/books and as well our PCT and other hiking trip pages.

2 thoughts on “Say Hello To The New Home of FBC & TrailCooking

  1. Hi.

    I just had a look at your new website and tried to change portion amounts… It worked well but it didnt change the amount of water that is needed for the recipe. Dont know if thats for all the recipes…

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