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Food Find: Fit Nutz

So what is Fit Nutz?

About a week or so ago I saw mention of it in a newsletter from Hungry Girl, so I went looking. It is powdered low fat peanut butter. They have a sample offer on the website to try the 3 varieties for under $5 so I bought a kit to try out. About a week later they showed up in the mail in perfect condition.


The 3 varieties are regular, chunky and pro. All 3 are good sources of protein (5 to 6 grams per 2 Tablespoons). The regular is the lowest in calories and fat, with Pro having the highest fat. Now being for trail food the whole calorie saving thing isn’t what one is looking for – but it does offer something useful: powdered peanut butter. No mess, shelf stable and easy to carry in a pack.

Taste wise I was not wowed by it when using to directions (that is following the directions to mix with water to make peanut butter). Without fat it lacks in the mouth feel. It is also not high in sugar – something low fat nut butters often do is pump up the sugar to get flavor. What you get is a low sodium, low sugar, low fat essence of peanuts. The powder tastes better just eating it than making PB out of it with water.

Having said that there is a reason to love it. Using it in recipes! The peanut powder is awesome added to mochas, hot cocoa, in your oatmeal, pancakes – heck toss it in with your pasta and rice. It melds in perfectly with hot or cold.

Did I mention using it in mochas? You want an easy one? 2 packets hot cocoa mix, 2 tsp instant espresso powder and 1 Tbsp of the Pro powder mixed with 14 ounces of boiling water. Oh that is good.

So check it out, it can be a great way to have shelf stable no mess peanut butter – and it can be carried as a dry ingredient long term in prepped FBC meals.


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