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Food Find: Swiss Knight Cheese


Swiss Knight cheese is similar to Laughing Cow wedges, yet are something different to try out (and different in the good way!). Take a look at the above photo for the multi color wheel of wedges at the bottom. I came across them at Cost Plus World Market in the food aisles and decided to try them out.

Each wheel has 6 wedges, with a wedge being 1 ounce. A wedge is 80 calories, 6.5 grams fat and 5.5 grams protein. Not bad calorie wise for adding to lunches/dinners or just plain eating. This type of “cheese” is fully shelf stable till the foil on a wedge is opened and they carry well in a pack. I do though recommend with any of these wedges that you either carry the whole wheel or protect the wedges in a hard container. And hey, the eating is so easy you won’t mind packing the wheel 😉

There are 6 flavors in the wheel:  Gruyere, Blue Cheese, Swiss, Tilsit, Swiss with Mustard and Wine. The difference between this import from Switzerland and the US versions is the Swiss Knight is a firmer product. Often you go to open the wedges and they are as soft as cream cheese (which I might add the wedges work great in most recipes calling for cream cheese!). The SK one are firm enough you can use a knife to cut it up, though you can smear them on crackers or bread as well. I can see a lot of potential for them in the upcoming months. They would be great added to mashed potatoes as well….

The Wine flavor is incredible – when you see American versions so often it is a Swiss or a onion flavor. Nice to have other choices.

Not an easy product to find though if you have a Cost Plus nearby, take a look and you may be rewarded!


11 thoughts on “Food Find: Swiss Knight Cheese

  1. I am trying like crazy to find the cheese product that I saw in your website. “Swiss Knight Cheese” They are small wheels with 6 wedges inside. I am in New England but travel to NJ. I have called around and can’t seem to locate a person who can connect me for even buying it online????? Any help or suggestions?????? THANK YOU!

  2. Lori – I’m in CT and found Swiss Knight at ShopRite – not in the dairy section, but rather over in the pasta aisle next to the grated Parmesan shaker cheese. Hope this helps.

  3. Something is going very WRONG with the Swiss Knight Cheese.

    First, they disappeared off the shelves altogether. Then they reappeared, minus the “by Gerber” logo, and “emmi foods” appeared on the label, and the cheese itself was smaller portions, and soft texture, like laughing cow. Those disappeared as fast as they appeared, then nothing for months. Then suddenly, the ones “by Gerber” re appeared at Pathmark in a huge aisle end display, including the regular as well as the variety pack (with the wine flavor). Once those disappered, none have been found until about a month ago, when C-Town had a dozen wheels, all freshness dated till late 2013, meaning they were new. Those disappeared after a month, then none have re appeared since. I called Gerber, and they insisted they do not and have never been involved in cheese, they only do baby products. Yet I told them the box says “by Gerber” with the same font as their baby food logo, and they still denied it. Something awful screwy going on with the swiss knight.

  4. As a Swiss Knight junkie all of my life I should warn everyone that the market has been flooded with a knock-off cheese made to look likeSwiss Knight gryere. The real one is a 6oz package and the fake is 4oz and is a cheddar/gruyere mix and tastes pretty bad. Shop-Rite didn’t want to pay for the real product, so they had the fake one produced and now almost everyone sells the fake version. Emmi USA, the parent company of Swiss Knight is not happy nor am I.

  5. I too am a swiss knight junkey I live in Oceanside new York any one out ther e know where I can get it ???

  6. Joining the chorus. The original gruyere Swiss Knight is not available in Monmouth County NJ
    despite many online website showings. Gerber website no use. Imitation is NOT anything like the
    original . Laughing Cow may be the same producer ? ?

  7. Been enjoying this cheese since I was a mere child. Can’t seem to locate this ANYWHERE!
    Please advise as to where I may purchase..,
    Thanks ‍

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