Bare Boxer

My good friend Marzsit posted a link to a good deal at Harbor Freight (home of cheapie tools) for a small bear canister. I looked at the photo and thought I recognized it and yes, I did – I had been to the website before, but had forgotten about it.


The Bear Boxer is a solo bear canister that is 275 ci, 8″ by 7.4″ and weighs in at 1.85 lbs. It is aiming at a solo hiker doing 3 day trips. Think sized for a weekend hike. (Edit: I had a link to the site in this post but some people on forums and here are reporting this site may have malware on it. So if you want to visit their website – be wary.  A total bummer! Click carefully – I have taken the link down due to protecting you all! I run on a MacBook so I don’t see stuff like that. Sorry!)

I haven’t had a chance to try one out…..but if I see one at the local Harbor Freight I will pick one up – being less than $30 is a screaming deal.


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