Examples Of The New Website

As Kirk and I have moved over content to to the Trail Cooking website we have tried to categorize entries for easier searching – and reading. So some examples?

One popular one pot meal recipe on the website has been Artichoke Salmon Pasta. On that link you will find the full write up along with the recipe on this page.

Be sure to take a look at the Nav Bar on the left – it will help you out when looking for recipes. Choose the “Recipe” button and you will see a choice of cooking methods and type of meal you are craving.

The many forms of The FauxBaker – with the methods and gear to steam bake on the trail are now all together, in chapters for easy reading.

We will be adding more to the DIY Section – but one shpuld never miss out on the super dorkiness of the Duct Tape Spoon.

One area I love very much is flora – oh, who am I kidding? I am just there for the berries! Kirk has taken my ramblings from the past couple years and put them into easy to scan pages.

We have expanded the Dehydrating 101 Pages to include more information and the details on how to dry items are now split into sub pages for faster use.

Last, but not least, is the new Trail Cooking Store – the better updated version of our store that was on Freezer Bag Cooking for the past couple years. It is easier to navigate and more is coming soon as well.

Thank you all for following us to our new home and putting up with our remodeling – we appreciate it!

~Sarah and Kirk