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Hiking An Old Road To Nowhere

Hiking to nowhere was the goal it seemed today, and that was really was OK. It was sunny and actually getting warm as we left the trailhead.

Trailhead joined Ford and I to do some miles on the old logging road/now a trail to Mt. Teneriffe, which sits just a bit farther down the road from Mt. Si, outside of North Bend, Wa.

The first plus mile goes fast and is pretty flat – the kind of trail that lures you in. The waterfall here is where the now-closed “trail” to Kamikaze Falls starts (and is well marked that said “trail” is closed by the DNR).


Ford in front of the waterfall as well:


The road starts climbing like crazy not long after and gave us a great workout. We putzed and hiked upwards till we hit snow.

This branch on the ground caught my eye:


Stomachs were growling so we backtracked a bit to an old switchback where we had creeks running by us on both sides. We had views across the valley as well of the foothills on the other side (Mt. Washington for example) and I-90 was not in hearing range….)

I was looking through my food bag and realized I had a Curried Cranberry Couscous meal that had been riding for awhile, so time to use it. Being lazy once in awhile is a treat food wise 😉


I boiled up water in my GSI Soloist Set, making plenty of water so I could have a huge mug of tea as well – it seemed like a tea kind of day!


I prepped the meal in one of the bags that PackItGourmet carries, that are a great alternative to freezer bags. I didn’t want to mess up the pot and I happened to see one floating in the food bag (and no freezer bags!). The bags are great, very sturdy and work well. They worked well with this meal – all it needed was hot water and a 10 minute sit in a cozy.


Trailhead had a new recipe of her invention, a tortilla soup. Hopefully I will have the recipe up soon over on Trail Cooking!

(Edit: The recipe has been added: Trailhead’s Tortilla “Souped Up” Ramen)


(I had to laugh – it turns out we both were using Soloist Sets!)

We did a slow hike out and enjoyed the rushing waterfalls on the way down – it had jumped a good 10 degrees from when we started.

Never got to the top – but that is OK. Just felt great to be out hiking!