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Zip Fizz Sport Drink Mix

I have never been known for chugging down electrolyte mixes or sport drinks – I find most of them odd tasting, overly salty and sweet. For the most part I have been a water chugger when hiking. But….a girl can change her stripes a bit, no? I had been talking with Kirk about how wiped out I felt after we started extending our gym workouts to 2 hours. I would have no energy to drive home and would just sit there once I did get home. It was that same feeling I would get after mile 15 on long days when it is above 70°, tired, not hungry and pretty much weak.

So…I realized I needed to start thinking a bit more seriously about my water intake. Kirk and I went down to Costco and poked through all the electrolyte products (ie…sport drinks). It had to be pretty specific for me – no artificial colors, sugar or heavy sodium. It also had to contain potassium.

I decided to take a gamble on Zip Fizz tubes.


They are not cheap at about 90 cents a tube (but we did get a bonus – Costco had a $7 off coupon when we checked out, which dropped the price per tube quite a bit). The 30 pack has 3 flavors: Grape, Pink Lemonade and Orange Soda. Drop it in 20 ounces of water and shake up and yes, it does fizz at first.

The taste isn’t bad, the heavy Vitamin B is hidden well. Yes, it does contain caffeine – about 100 mg per tube. Not too heavy so it won’t leave you jittery. The sodium level is quite low (60 mg) and is high in potassium to ward off leg cramps.

And hoo, does this stuff pep you up – it leaves you feeling better overall. I didn’t feel so wiped out afterwards and my legs felt better as well.

For now I am taking it to the gym, but I have tucked a number of the lightweight tubes in my pack as well – for when it starts getting hot out. Should give me that help I need to get to the top on hot days!


4 thoughts on “Zip Fizz Sport Drink Mix

  1. I use those Emergen-C packets to do what you are describing here. Potassium – its got it – and everything else a body needs. And the taste is actually quite good. They cost a bit more, but to me they are worth it. I like to mix mine with some fiber-powder stuff just to make it that little bit more special.

  2. I started using zipfizz….but now avoid it. They are engaged in very misleading marketing…..touting that it’s sweetened with “xylitol” yet the MAIN sweetener is Sucralose (aka Splenda), an artificial sweetener. Xylitol is listed 4th to last in a very long list of ingredients. They simply put in negligible amounts of Xylitol so that they can say that they use “natural” sweeteners. If you don’t mind artificial sweeteners, knock yourself out….but if you do, stay away from this product.

  3. I don’t mind the sweetener – for me it is more important to avoid heavy sodium and coloring additives. 🙂

  4. Considering I am a diebetic the sweeteners is fine considering how bad sugar is. Some other additives for sweeteners xylitol and sucralose is the better than most sweeteners. Plus the B-12 is the best brain function and booster for energy.

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