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Food Find: Splenda With Fiber

OK, you might wonder….why talk about a no calorie sweetener for the outdoors? There are a couple reasons:

Sugar free drinks don’t promote mold growth in your hydration bladders and bottles, it is a lightweight way to sweeten food and most of all with Splenda¬©’s fiber sweetener, you get a gram of fiber with every packet.


If you want to feel good stomach wise while hiking you need a couple things – fat and fiber – for your stomach. Fiber tends to an area where people don’t bring enough. So it is something to consider using in your morning tea, oatmeal or in dessert at night. The packets are a sturdier than the normal Splenda¬© yellow packets, they are foil lined to keep out moisture.

I used this form on the website to get a couple sample packets, it appears to be still going on.


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