Food Find: Jalapeño Peppers

Once in awhile I call for diced dried Jalapeño Peppers in recipes on Trail Cooking. They are not always easy to find and often involve buying them online, where one has to buy a large bag of them (enough for oh, the next 3 years!)


McCormick Gourmet Collection carries jars of diced dried Jalapeño Peppers, the perfect amount for a summer of hiker meals.

You can find the jars in well stocked grocery stores (for example, Safeway carries the full line in most stores). The peppers don’t take a lot for a punch – 1/2 a teaspoon is plenty to spice up a meal. The jar isn’t the cheapest deal out there, but you can get them immediately and not have to wait for shipping – or the fear of having a large bag go stale in storage. Just watch for sales to save $ on spices at grocery stores!


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