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Freeze Dried Edamame (with a recipe)


Freeze dried edamame is good stuff – high in protein, calories and it tastes great both munched on dry and in cooked meals. It is fabulous in trail mix as well.

I find it in the Pacific Northwest at Fred Meyers and many natural food stores. Crunchies line of products are often hidden next to the chips and snacks. Besides the edamame, the fire roasted vegetables are worth checking out.

I had been thinking what to make with the bag I had and I had a craving for a bowl of noodle soup this morning. I used baked ramen (minus the flavor packet), though any ramen or chuka soba noodle can be used. I prefer the baked ramen over fried as it isn’t greasy. The recipe for Edamame Noodle Bowl has directions for 3 ways of cooking it as well. Head on over to Trail Cooking to see the recipe!