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Food Review: Alpine Aire Santa Fe Beans and Rice

It has been awhile for a commercial meal review so Ford and I tried out Alpine Aire’s Santa Fe Black Beans and Rice entree.


The package weighs in at 6 1/2 ounces and retails for $6.03.

Opening up the package you get a strong smell of cumin, so do be aware of that. It is a mix of instant rice, beans and vegetables with seasonings and salt. From what I could see it is vegetarian/vegan friendly.


The directions call for 2 1/2 cups water, I would recommend 2 1/4 cups for more firm rice, less water left behind. I let it sit for 20 minutes for more of the water to absorb.

We decided to make burritos with the rice dish and that worked well. You have plenty to make at least 4 burritos – especially if you use the big burrito sized tortillas (we used soft taco size).


1-ounce sticks of string cheese diced up work well on top, I cheated and added sour cream to mine 😉


Flavor wise this was actually good. The cumin that smells so strong doesn’t taste strong. That is a good thing as cumin can over power. This is a meal easy to replicate at home for a lot less but in a pinch I would consider it – the sodium levels were not fantastic but neither were they bad for a commercial meal. And it is one filling meal due to the beans. Still, I would recommend adding in fat or making burritos to bump up both the fat and calories. 340 calories for half a bag is not going to satisfy most people and due to the higher fiber….you won’t want to eat the whole bag!

Nutritional Stats per serving, bag makes 2:

Calories 340 / Total Fat 2g  / Sodium 770mg  / Protein 11g / Fiber 10g

~Sarah (and Ford)

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