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A Backyard of Tarps

Yesterday our friend Tom came over to borrow the back yard to get a couple shelters seam sealed (they don’t have a handy back yard). They have a new Tarp Tent Double Rainbow in the background:


I hadn’t aired out my AntiGravityGear 10ft tarp tent for awhile so while chatting with Tom I set it up:


After that I tucked mine away till summer and made room for the next item to seam seal:


A Black Diamond Beta Light tarp:


The tarps are all drying now and waiting for their trail time coming soon – Tom and Tori are leaving next week on their PCT thru hike. I will miss them both, and yes, I am green eyed jealous (OK, maybe not for the hot dry desert hiking – but for the rest) 😀 I can’t wait till we see them in Washington State.