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Pot Cozy for the GSI Soloist

My favorite pot set is the GSI Soloist – I have that pot in my daypack always and often when I backpack. As I was reading through blogs today I saw an entry on Brian’s kitchen setup and one item he had was a handmade Reflectix® pot cozy for the Soloist.

If you have a Soloist, be sure to take a look at what he made. Pot cozies are quite easy to do and work wonders in cold weather for conserving fuel use.


5 thoughts on “Pot Cozy for the GSI Soloist

  1. Sarah, thanks for the mention. I love my GSI soloist set and keep meaning to buy a spare! The cozy is a great addition to the pot, helping to retain heat for a lot longer and incredibly easy to make – happy to do a how-to-post if anyone isn’t sure how to make one? Big fan BTW 🙂

  2. Thanks for the links. My Whisperlite Universal won’t fit inside my soloist so I put a Halulite Minimalist cup in there instead so I can sip hot coffee and eat my oatmeal. The minimalist cozy keeps my coffee hot for a long time and I was disappointed that the Soloist didn’t come with one.

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