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Creamsicle Protein Smoothie Recipe

If you had asked me even 3 months ago if I would consider drinking protein drinks I would have looked at you like you were talking another language….

But as we get farther into our workouts I am finding I need more – there are days I am so tired after training that if I don’t get something low cal/high protein in me I will ravensouly eat anything in front of me. So a quick protein shake and I am good to go till dinner and my muscles don’t hurt like crazy the next day.

So I had been tinkering with how I could take my blender frappes and turn them into hiker friendly shakes. I came up with one I really like and an 8-ounce serving packs in 29 grams protein.


See the recipe for Creamsicle Protein Smoothie here.

Ingredients used:

Whey protein powder – EAS brand. (They sell big bags at Costco and Sams Club)

Vanilla powder – find it online or at coffee supply shops – it is the stuff you sprinkle on top of a latte.

Yogurt powder – find online. Great stuff!

Freeze dried oranges – find online or use any other freeze dried fruit, crumbled up.

I will be working on more variations in the future. Yum!


8 thoughts on “Creamsicle Protein Smoothie Recipe

  1. You can acquire a very high quality vanilla powder directly from Cook’s via mail order if you can’t find it in the store.

    I have purchased it in the store when in a town that has a “gourmet” section in a market; but if not, then I just mail order directly from Cook’s.

    Judie Ashford

  2. I have seen the Tang/Pudding/milk recipe before, but thanks for the refresh with the vanilla whey powder for the extra kick of protein. Just what the kids will need mid morning 5 miles into the 12 mile day! The 10yo loves it and gave her acceptance of the recipe (you know the drill, “if the kids or mama ain’t happy, no ones happy”) and will be a staple.
    The only thing I can’t get past is the sheer size of the contents for 4 servings, takes up a bit of space for a “snack/drink”.

  3. Would it work if I dehydrated some fruit instead of buying freeze drying it?

    I have oranges, blueberries or bananas in mind..

  4. Yes it will work – but you will want to powder or at least grind down the dried fruit a bit before using. A blender or mini food chopper works well.

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