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Food Review: Mocha-walla Bars


New this month to stores is Odwalla‘s Mocha-walla™ energy bar. I happen to love the taste of their bars – they are soft, dental brace friendly and have good nutrition stats. So…combining chocolate and coffee? Sounded good to me!

The bars have a nice aroma of a mocha when you open the package. Soft texture with little chocolate chips rolled in. Not overly sweet, the perfect amount for my taste. Yet, I could see this bar easily curing a sugar craving! And it does have real coffee added into the bars, with 22mg of caffeine per bar. (Not a lot…but still a little perk.)

Nutritional stats:

210 calories / 4 grams fat / 90 mg sodium / 200 mg potassium / 3 grams fiber / 4 grams protein (Along with some vitamins as well)

Odwalla bars are often sold in the produce section near the fresh juices of grocery stores and in most natural food stores. If you haven’t tried them, these are bars I definitely recommend giving a try.


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