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Friday Morning Hiking

I woke up this morning to cold bright blue skies. In the distance though were some dark and dreary looking rain clouds hovering. I took the gamble, dropped the boy off at school and drove over to Issaquah, Wa. I had an idea and figured I could make it in between rain showers. I seem to every year end up doing Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain, usually in spring. (Poo Poo Point is also a very popular area for gliders as well, they hike up and float back down)

I loved this tree, covered in moss with tiny ferns sprouting all over it:


Better yet was the really small sign that proclaimed “DANGER!” but you had to get pretty close to read the rest 😉


Dicentra coming into bloom:



Purple Trillium:


I asked the resident plant nerd (Teresa) what this field was that was about to open up, on the edge of the artificial meadow. She said they were Colts Foot.


I reached the first landing, where the view is from Lake Washington/Renton on the right all the way to the foothills going into Mt. Rainier (well, some where behind that iron wall……). If I looked hard enough I am sure I could have picked out my house. I did laugh though….I have never been up there in good weather. The view of Rainier has to be good. Someday?


After the first opening/meadow (the south launch viewpoint) you dart up through the woods for a little more till you pop out at Poo Poo Point (the north launch viewoint). The view is a wide one. To the left you see Squak Mountain, with Cougar Mountain behind it.


The main view is the city of Issaquah far below with Lake Sammamish below.


It was very cold up there, I could see my breath. I quickly pulled on layers and had a snack. I nibbled on a Luna Cookie in Chocolate Mint and a banana….of which a moochie black lab tried to walk off with my banana peel. Dim witted but cute dog.


The hike down went fast, I trail ran a number of sections – it seemed to just be easier to run the steep sections than to kill my knees braking.

As I reached the bottom and went to drive home the dark clouds were moving in faster. It was a good hike though, seeing the flowers popping open made me happy, that spring might actually be arriving finally. Poo Poo Point is a good early spring hike, it is 1.8 miles or so each way with a gain of 1600 feet or so. A good thigh and leg burner!