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Sunday Hiking: Cedar Butte

This morning was so pretty it would have been a sin or something to stay home. So Kirk and I took off with Ford to get a close in hike. The snow levels are still pretty low for it being May 10th…..snow starts appearing at 2500 to 3200 ft depending on where the hike is. So…I picked Cedar Butte which neither Kirk or Ford had done.

The trail is accessed via the Iron Horse Trail (The John Wayne Trail). Ford on the IHT sporting his favored look these days. Shorts weather? Yeah, life is great when that happens!

Photo By K. Kirkconnell

The trail is well marked and winds through old clearcuts that are slowly repairing. We took the legit trail up (the longer one).

Looking down at Rattlesnake Lake and back into the Cedar River Watershed:


A backpack having a trail sale……(Our joke when a pack explodes at camp)

Photo By K. Kirkconnell

Looking across I-90 to Mt. Si, Mt. Teneriffe and to the MFK in the distance form the top:


Me sitting on the summit of Cedar Butte (otherwise known as Ceder Butt if you look at the USGS marker from 1937….)


For lunch I was digging through the packs to see what was hanging around. Ford had a favorite of his, Cheesy Rice with Chicken (An adaptation of this recipe, I need to post up his version). Kirk and I did a testing of Mary Janes Farm Ginger Sesame Pasta. While the meal was pleasant tasting it isn’t a big meal. Kirk and I split it and as you can see, our halves were very small. Most men would not be filled by the whole pouch, even many women would be left wanting more. Still, it was good tasting. It just needed more. Maybe a good helping of vegetables or even some protein added in for extra bulk.


A Trillium on the way down, shot by Kirk:

Photo By K. Kirkconnell

We took the straight down trail down which is quite nice to do in dry weather, giving a lollipop loop of sorts.

Cedar is a nice trail – it isn’t hard, nor long but it is also a lot quieter than Rattlesnake Ledge across the way. Many don’t know about Cedar and top of the trail is barely big enough for 3 small parties to have lunch – with a tiny bench at the top to share.

One of the best descriptions is in this book: Day Hike! Central Cascades: The Best Trails You Can Hike in a Day
Fair warning, the Green Trails map for the Rattlesnake area only shows half of the trail system on Cedar, get the book, it is better.