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Gear Find: Campware Companion Pads


I came across these in the camping/outdoor department in Wal-Mart. They are a 3 pack of small pre-soaped sponges (with a soft and a scouring side) for cleaning pots from 3M under the Scotch-BriteĀ® label. They run for $2.28.

While not for non-stick pans (you need to be careful with those!) if you use Ti, uncoated aluminum or stainless steel these work well. For standard hard anodized aluminum use the soft side. These are not the lightest find but if you car camp these can be a real work horse if you ignore your food till it develops a hard crust.

PS: They also work well for those of you who like to do one pot meals…..while using a thin walled Ti pot on a Pocket Rocket and then wonder how to remove the charred remnants of dinner. I am sure my buddy HD would have payed plenty for one of these a couple years ago after he ate Blackened and Charred Pasta for dinner ;-P Yum!


2 thoughts on “Gear Find: Campware Companion Pads

  1. Ah, takes me back to my teenage years, and a quiet Sunday afternoon, as my Dad whiled away the non-TV watching Sabbath afternoon cleaning the frying pan. Later, my Mum arose from her nap to find her best non-stick frying pan had been cleaned down to the metal.
    I’m not sure how to spell “laldie”, but that’s what she gave him for his troubles.

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