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Ladies Gear Find: Reign Vermont Bags

I lie to keep certain things together in my pack – my wallet, cell phone, keys, etc – things I don’t want to risk falling out of my pack. It also keeps them clean, in one spot and stops the thing I hate most: having to shove everything into hiking pants pockets when going into the greasy spoon for an after-hike dinner….

Over the years I have used a number of items, from hand sewn bags to even large ZiplocĀ® bags to haul my junk. A good 9 or so months ago I was at the local REI and coveting a small Reign Vermont bag for the 1,000th time when finally I decided: OK, just buy it! At $35 it was a bit breath taking. To see the style, head to REI’s site.


The bag is essentially a “passport” style purse. It has a simple strap that can be short or up to 60″ long, allowing one to wear it across your chest for safety. (It also fits under a jacket in busy cities as well!) The front flap has a buckle, with a small zippered pocket under, as well as a main cargo area that has a full zipper and a key tether inside. Everything stays inside, tidy as can be. It has a mesh pocket for a cell phone, though I don’t use it for that. Good for lip balm!

The average weight is 6 ounces, so a little bit heavy to some, yet the weight is worth it. The bag is well made, sturdy and durable. It is produced in Vermont as well. Reign’s website offers many choices of fabrics for the bags, as well as other sizes (they make smaller ones).

I used the bag on every trip last summer and into this year. I have found I am using it more often daily as well. Forces me to carry less stuff with me – not a bad thing!


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