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New Gear: Trailfinder Headlamp

We recently received a Trailfinder Series® 3 LED Headlamp to test out in the coming months.


Produced by Energizer®, the headlamp is simple to use out of the package. Simply tear the paper packing open, use a coin to pop the back and insert the 3 AAA batteries that are included into the back. Close up the back by snapping in place and you are ready. It sports 3 LED’s – two white, one red. The white ones are flood lamp style for lots of light. The red one is for night use, to preserve your vision. I can say that from night hiking experience, red is good!

Energizer® claims 50 hours of light on white, 75 on red. Usually these ratings are pretty close, so I will be watching that just to make sure. Weight on the digital scale is 1.6 ounces empty, 2.8 ounces with batteries. It also comes with a featherlight black stuff sack as well. It retails for $14.99 to 17.99 and can be found in big box stores as well on Amazon Trailfinder Energizer Headlamps.

Sitting next to my long used Petzl Tikka (the old version):


Unlike the Tikka, the Trailfinder’s light is pivotal, so you can have straight on light or point it down. This may work well for reading in the bag at night. In comparison the Tikka weighs 2.7 ounces and is a 3 AAA battery model as well. My Tikka is showing its age after being a loyal companion all these years (2001?). The LED lights have faded and the battery door isn’t staying on all the time – not fun when hiking at night and the light goes out. As well, when hiking at night having a light that points straight ahead isn’t optimal. You are often looking down to avoid roots/holes/rocks and as your head bobs it can be annoying as the light isn’t where you need it. With the Tikka you also need to pick up a filter kit if you want colored light.

I will be testing it out on the next couple trips and give an update on how it works for me. Hopefully it works well.


2 thoughts on “New Gear: Trailfinder Headlamp

  1. You’re gonna like it. The same headlight can be had at home depot (minus the “trailfinder” packaging) for about $10. Bright, and the red is really great.

  2. I bought one a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it. The battery life was all it said it would be. Unfortunately, the light began to dim before the hundred hour mark. Still serviceable for reading in the tent and finding the outhouse at camp, but not the blazing, blinding light it began as.

    For the low cost ($12 at WalMart), it was worth it though.

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