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Womens Gear Review: OR’s Sonnet Cap

On my way home yesterday I stopped in for a latte at one of my favorite gear shops, Wapiti Woolies, which is in the tiny village of Greenwater on Hwy 410 here in Washington. Besides rally good espresso the shop is all about gear. They focus on skiing/snowboarding in winter but come spring the hiking stuff comes in. Beyond that they carry baby and kids gear and a heavy side of really cute ladies outdoor clothing. The best part? They don’t price gouge.


I saw the above hat, an OR Sonnet cap and totally fell for it. They had all four colors and while the sky blue had me sighing for it, the eggplant looked perfect on me. It is rated for UPF 50+ as well. I had been looking for a light/thin hat to wear this year that covered my head as well as my face. I currently use an Ex Officio visor which while working well leaves the top of my head exposed.

The cap comes in 3 sizes to fit a pretty wide range of heads. The ‘L’ goes up to 23 1/4″ – something not every company does!

The neatest part is the tiny pocket in the inside of the cap, big enough for a key or a drivers license. It sports a baby soft zipper that is well hidden to keep everything safe.


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