Clothing Review: Ibex Carrie Hoody

While driving up to Mt. Rainier Kirk and I stopped into Wapiti Woolies for lattes….and came out with hiking clothing. How does that happen? 😉

Kirk was perusing the sale racks and he found me this:


An Ibex Carrie Boucle Full Zip Hoody Merino Wool Sweater in Shetland Heather/Black. An American made garment of New Zealand wool. At first I wasn’t sure – I liked the other color better, the Dark Cranberry Heather, till I tried them on. Perfect fit as well – the hood will fit under nearly everything I would need it to fit under.

The original price was a bit breath taking but at the winter clearance price I let Kirk treat me to what could well become my backpacker sweater. Call that a bit odd, but I prefer wearing sweaters over fleece. Wool feels better, is warm without clammy and breathes – something I need. For years I wore a Merino wool sweater from LLBean, both on trail and in camp. It wore out finally and I had been wearing fleece once again. The Carrie has a tiny bit of polyester added that gives the jacket/sweater a slim fit, without the bulky hang of a normal wool sweater. It packs down smaller than fleece as well.

It might not be the lightest (around 1 lb), that evens out due to how functional it is. This will be great for early mornings when hiking in the cold air to sitting in my tent at night this summer. The slim cut will be perfect under my rain jacket as well.

More to come as I test it out.