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Peanut Butter Nanner Pancakes

For part of Memorial Weekend the three of us went to The Sasquatch Festival, held in Eastern Washington for 3 days. We camped and I tested out some ideas I had brewing for 3 person meals.


One that worked well as Peanut Butter Nanner Pancakes. I did though realize I needed some tweaking of my car camping gear. I need bigger pots – it will be so sad to go get new ones 😉 I think I have my new 3l and 5L pots picked out. Hehheh! No UL/small car camping gear – I want stuff that works like a charm.

I had grabbed a fry-pan I bought back in 2002 to use for the pancakes and then realized why I never used it… burnt/stuck on junk instantly. The pan didn’t come home, I ended up using the fry-pan lids on my older car camping GSI sets – which worked great, giving great pancakes. I was living it up using a two burner Coleman style stove….Just once I get some bigger pots life will be easier on these types of trips.

Peanut Butter Nanner Pancakes


1 10.6-ounce Shake n’ Pour Bisquick jug

1 1.7-ounce packet freeze-dried bananas or 1 fresh banana, diced

1 packet Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter

2 packets oil or 2 Tbsp in a leak proof bottle

Maple syrup to taste, in a leak proof bottle


Rehydrate the bananas, if using freeze-dried, for 5 minutes, drain on any extra water.

Add the peanut butter to the jug, then 1 1/2 cups cool water (as called for on the jug). Seal tightly and shake for at least 30 seconds. Add in the well drained bananas or fresh diced, seal again and shake well.

Heat your fry-pan over a medium flame, add a little oil and pour in some batter. Cook and flip as normal. Add a little more oil to the pan between pancakes.

Makes around 10 pancakes – depending on your fry-pan size and how big you like them.