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Coveting Anothers Gear

Not often do I covet someones new gear so badly as I did last night – I was opening up a box that had arrived for my friend Tori, to make sure everything was fine before I shipped it on to her – and wow….I was j-e-a-l-o-u-s of her new pack.

A ULA Circuit pack



She found she needs a new pack for her thru-hike so Mail Lady Sarah got to at least sniff new ULA smell before sending it on. I just need to order one now that you can get a short torso. That was what held me back. Finally seeing a short torso in person was a “OK, this would work” moment!

PS: T&T are having a great time and getting broken in to the trail. Now Mail Lady Sarah needs to get crackin’ and go make their resupply meals I am shipping.


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