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The Skokomish River Trail and A Meal Review

The weather has been amazing – two weekends in a row sunny and warm. Kirk, Ford and I drove over to the Olympic Peninsula this morning to visit an area we hadn’t been back to in way too long, The Staircase section. The drive was pleasant in the cool morning and we started up the North Fork Skokomish Trail. I think it was late 2004 the last time I was out there and the first change in the trail was a new detour which sadly looses one of the best views above the river. Oh well!

The first creek crossed is Slate Creek. Ford spotted this – and it was a good laugh indeed!


This fire occurred in 1985 and burnt a hot fire. As you walk through the old burn you cross a number of rock avalanches that slid down the hillside in the past 24 years.


We arrived at the junction for FlapJack Lakes so we were around 3 1/2 miles in. This was the end of the old road from long ago. It has a nice area in the shade for a lunch, inviting one to be lazy.


The last time I was up here was in early summer of 2002 on a women’s group trip, the first trip I went on that was all people from hiking forums. No ax murders showed up and everyone was nice. It was a great trip but looking up the junction to Flapjack today I know I can say I had no desire to repeat the hike up there 😉


But I digress, back to todays hike!

I set up my kitchen and got a small lunch going for us to nibble on. Today’s meal review was Packit Gourmet’s new All American Burger Wrap.


I brought the water to a boil, added it to the dry ingredinets and let sit for 15 minutes to rehydrate. A very simple meal to make!

After it was ready, I layed out a couple paper towels to work on and assembled the wraps. While this serves 1 to 2, as a small snack you can feed 3 easily. I used low carb/high fiber tortillas to fill the tummy as well.


Tasty, quick and this is a winner for meat-lovers!


The meal comes with packets of mayo, ketchup, mustard and relish. I divided it evenly amongst the 3 wraps.


Ford and Kirk kicking back at lunch:


Due to time we decided to turn around. Oddly enough, the trail out was prettier. Part of it was not having the sun in the eyes. You could see so much more!

Beargrass was just starting to bloom. I would say that Beargrass is one of my favorite flowers. On the slopes of the Eastern Olympic Mountains there is a smell in the sun that you can’t describe but if you have been there you just know it. Rainier, The Cascades, nowhere else is there that smell. It is like the awakening of summer to me. The wild Rhodies were just opening in lower elevations, wild strawberries putting on flowers, the Huckleberries had tiny green berries, the Grouse birds were whooping their wings loudly. One of those days for sitting on a log daydreaming…..


Looking down at the river:


Ridges in the distance:


I need to pull out my Olympic Flower Guide that my mom gave me so many years ago. I pass these every year – little tiny delicate pink flowers:



A nice 7 mile hike to nowhere really, just one special part of the wilds of the Olympics.


PS: After the hike when driving home we stopped in at the massive Cabela’s in Lacey. Somehow new clothes came home with me for hiking. Have no idea how that happened! 😀

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  1. Wow, This really makes me miss my home up there in the evergreen state. I really like your entries about the trails and the food. I found your site while looking for soft foods to pack on my annual backpacking trip. I just got my braces put on not too long ago and your site has been very helpful with ideas. Thank you!!

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