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Gear Review: MSR Flex 3 System

I have been looking for a larger set of pots for awhile now. Not necessarily for backpacking but rather ones for car camping.

Yet, I didn’t want heavy pots nor ones that would fry everything on. Quick cleanup and fast heating were at the top of the list. I also was looking for an all-in-one set that comes with dishes, as this set will be in our to-go stuff.

I considered a couple options, such as the GSI Pinnacle Camper set. I liked it but after checking out MSR’s Flex 3 System I went for the MSR.

Why did I? I don’t need 4 sets of dishes, there is three of us. The MSR is designed for 3 people. The dishes with the MSR are high sided plates, nearly a bowl. The GSI one has plates. As a side benefit, the set of DeepDishes™ come in two sizes. Two are medium size, the third is a small, which fits into the smaller pot. That allows one to carry the smaller pot if going solo. You can also carry the large pot with the two bigger dishes. Rounding out the dish set is 3 insulated mugs with lids. Made of thin stainless steel they come wrapped in removable cozies.

The two pots are a 2.3 liter non-stick DuraLite DX™ and a larger 3.3 Liter hard anodized aluminum. The set comes with one lid with built in pasta strainer on top, made of hard anodized aluminum and a Talon™ pot holder.


Packed up and ready to go:


The set goes together easily making a tidy bundle similar to how GSI sets go together. The handle clamps on over the top to keep everything locked in place. The bowls protect the lining of the pots. A nice touch is the stamped in markings on both pots of water levels. That is appreciated!

The weights are relatively light for the size – MSR did a good job in keeping the pots thin.These are my weights, on our digital scale. Also inlcued is MSR’s weights in ( ).

Pot Holder: 1.4 ounces (Doesn’t list)

Pot Lid: 3.3 ounces

Mug with lid: 3.8 ounces each  (4)

Small DeepDish: 2.3 ounces  (2.3)

Medium DeepDishes: 2.7 ounces each  (2.6)

2.3 Liter pot: 6.4 ounces

3.3 Liter pot: 7.8 ounces

Total Weight: 2 lbs 4 ounces  (2 lbs 6.4 ounces on website, 2 lbs 4 ounces on box)

The one downside I will need to watch is the Talon handle. It is 1/4 metal, 3/4 plastic – which means I had better not leave it hanging over the two burner Coleman propane stove…..that would not be good. Or I just accept it will happen and get a second one.

We will see how the set works. The pots are light enough I could actually see carrying the 3L if needed backpacking. 13 or so ounces for the pot, lid and handle is very reasonable for that size. With Ford growing so fast he is hard to cook enough for in 2 L pots if Kirk is along as well.

Now I need to find (acquire) a new frypan as well. I am looking at the 9″ MSR Flex Skillet. (Read back to what happened to my last car camping skillet that was a piece of junk about two weeks ago….)


2 thoughts on “Gear Review: MSR Flex 3 System

  1. Sarah,

    Can I ask how the MSR gear is holding up. I’m looking at the flex 4 and skillet for car camping with a family of 4. I’ll be using them on a coleman 2 burner propane stove or a jetboil wth pot stablizer.

    Is the talon removable? Seems like it must be to move it from pot to pot but I want to be sure.

    Do you think the gear would stand up to use on a fire grate?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Both the Flex 3 set and as well a Quick 1 pot have handled nicely since getting them. Only warning is on the Quick 1, it is a thin Ti pot – I got mine super hot on accident and warped it a bit (still very usable!). I’d say I like the hard anodized aluminum best (which they use in the Flex 3 and 4).
    The Talon handle is removable – it has a button you press to take off. Sturdy and stays on while using.
    On using over fires, my only warning might be to use a classic MSR pot lifter instead when over open fire. The Talon grip does have some plastic that could melt.

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