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Cooking In The Teanaways

This weekend was spent in The Teanaways of Washington, a section of ridges and peaks near Cle Elum, Washington. On the eastern side of the Cascade Crest with clear rivers, granite and a whole lot of views. The Balsam Root and Lupine was just starting to bloom in the lower sections of the valley. Snow is still in the high sections, we were comfy at 3,100 feet or so – just a roaring river near us.

I had been invited to come and do a cooking presentation for a great set of ladies who hike together – they decided to do dayhiking with car camping for the weekend. Then it got opened up as a social/get together for the local hiking forums. Even better! I packed up the truck full of meals and even a few untried recipes (hehheh!) and off Ford and I went.

We decided to be lazy and just enjoy being camp slugs in the balmy temps. Back at home, on the Western side, the heat wave of last week had suddenly broken and it went from 90+ to 60 in hours. I left to rain and arrived to sunny blue skies. Hah!

Showed up to see BackpackerJoe saving us a spot to back into. Ford and I decided to be lazy and sleep in the ‘metal tent’…er, the Explorer. I got to check out BPJ’s new-to-him Jeep Liberty that is a diesel. An awesome little SUV – I was jealous.

Not long after TeresaΒ  (Dicentra) and her daughter showed up – I had talked her into coming for the weekend. We hadn’t been out that way to hike since last June, so why not? Not long after we had everyone showing up – some I have known for 6 years, others were new faces. So many happy people! You just have to be smiling out there – it is so pretty (did I already say that? Well it is!) Lots of catching up to do, trails to talk about, trips to plan.

The North Fork of the Teanaway River:


That was the view from our campsite. You have to love that. The water was running high due to snow melt and was chilly.

Some deep thinking over lentil salad


Everybody munching away. So much gabbing, yakking, eating and well – having a great time.


Me talking about Freezer Bag Cooking and with my hand on a cozy.


Me talking about packets of meat with Backpacker Joe.



I broke in the new MSR Flex 3 pot set I got this week. This set is phenomal for cooking pasta – I will be picking up more pieces. I am sold on it. Quick transfer of heat, super light and easy cleanup.


I made so many dishes I think I lost count πŸ˜‰


The start of fried rice – in a GSI Backpackers Wok.


Notice the fresh eggs in a One Egg Wonder pan. Love that little pan.


The sun was going down behind the trees…and it started to get chilly.


The rice was ready – Spam-Tastic!


I will be adding recipes this week of what I made up πŸ™‚


We stayed up late chatting, nursing a warm fire then off to bed as the moon rose over us. Woke up to the sun streaming in at just after 4 am, went back to sleep. Everyone got together and we all made a big communal breakfast of many types of fresh fruit, yogurt, pan fried bacon, eggs, pancakes – I got put to work as well. I really, really love cooking for people πŸ™‚ It is so much fun!

A number of us who went back in history hung out in camp being lazy till 1 or so and then we all broke camp.


-And yes, I did find a great latte on the way home πŸ˜‰ My Latte Hut Meter did not fail me.