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Vegan Chocolate Heaven

Can totally divine chocolate sauce be combined with vegan eating? Oh definitely and surely yes. Well, heck, anyone who loves chocolate will love this.

Last week Catzia had sent me a link to a blog that talked about backpacking vegan meals and in it, describing a trail cake that had been “frosted” with a product she had never heard of. No links about the product so I researched it and found the company. And what I found was Chocolate #9, a company based out of Seattle.


Taking a look at the back you can see how simply pure this sauce is: chocolate and sweetener. And the nutritional stats are downright pleasing.


Each packet is the same size as a common energy gel packet. Weight is 1.04 ounces and has about 2 Tbsp of chocolate in it.

Rip off the top and sip out for straight sauce. Or use it as a frosting as mentioned above. Or just suck it right out. Yes, that is the way! 😉

I honestly was nervous about trying it – I had the “Oh please don’t let it taste all gross like EVERY energy gel does“. So it was a really nice surprise to see how great it tasted. I sometimes buy packets of J. Hungerford hot fudge topping for Ford for trail desserts but after tasting Chocolate #9, I will buy these for Ford – he will like them and they are not full of highly questionable ingredients.

Take a look at their website – the trail 3 pack is a good choice for those unsure. I need to look a little closer in town to see if anyone carries it yet. Though I have a feeling I will be buying a case for this summer – it is shelf stable to 170°! Morning mocha? Check! Afternoon snack? Check!


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