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Gear Review: Mt. Hardwear La Rambla Skirt

A couple weeks ago on the way home from hiking we happened to stop into Cabela’s where I saw this hiking skirt:


It was a Mountain Hardwear La Rambla Skirt in espresso brown. As like their pants and shorts, the skirt is designed to be worn under a pack’s hipbelt and not rub your skin wrong. No lumpy belts or ties either, just a thin snap and a small zipper. Flat lying on the waist, it rides on the hips perfectly. The waist is seamless and micro-chamois lined – providing much comfort.

At $60 even I was coughing a wee bit over that – but then I made the mistake of trying it on. It fit perfectly, looked great on and most of all isn’t so short you will worry about the skirt blowing in the breeze.

Better still the skirt is quite light, coming in at less than 1/2 a lb and it dries as quick, if not quicker, as hiking pants do.

An option for those who want a sporty, almost kilt like hiking skirt. It is cute enough on that you can wear this daily, a nice travel option.

I did realize though that it matches my soft shell a wee bit too much. And my Chaco Sandals. :p Oh well, at least they are not pink n’ purple like everything else made for women!


One thought on “Gear Review: Mt. Hardwear La Rambla Skirt

  1. This is just about as cool as the Macabi skirts we love so much! I definitely love this length for summer.

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