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New Gear: MSR Quick 1 Pot


Well it seems I love the MSR® Flex 3 System so much I just needed the Quick 1™ Pot. For a long time I have shied away from Titanium pots and went the way of hard anodized aluminum. Then I got an offering I couldn’t refuse and this sweet little pot came home.


The set is a 1.3 Liter titanium pot, lid with built in strainer holes and a Talon pot holder. MSR’s website says 6.6 ounces total weight, mine weighed in at 6.5 ounces. Dimensions are 3.75″ high and 6.75″ wide.Like other MSR pots in the new series it has graduated measurements punched into the wall for measuring water.

1.3 Liters is roughly 44 ounces, so 5.5 cups. You can comfortably boil 4 cups water or cook a large one pot solo meal in it. I would go as far to say that boiling 4 to 6 ounces of pasta is quite feasible to do in it.

It has a low profile so will work on either canister or alchy stoves. If using alcohol do be careful of the Talon pot handle. Part of it is plastic so you could have issues with an uncontrolled flame. I will be testing this out soon on the Whitebox to see how it fairs.

Now though, this is very thin walled uncoated titanium. The bonus is it will get scorching hot fast – perfect for boiling water. Not great if you are trying to make a fancy 20 step meal. So keep this one for quick dinners where being fancy isn’t your goal. No, this is not the choice for scrambling eggs or making pancakes. For FBC meals though this is heaven.

Of course heaven doesn’t come cheap. Retail is around $70. Which does make hard anodized aluminum sound great. But did I mention it is just a gorgeous piece of gear? 😉


3 thoughts on “New Gear: MSR Quick 1 Pot

  1. I’m glad someone brought back the lid-locking handle. That’s one of the reasons I keep my old coleman stainless steel pot. That MSR price is another reason.

  2. The Talon handle is indeed cool – when clicked into place it is rigid, no falling off while moving a vat of hot liquids.

    But yes, the price is breath taking!

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